Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen

OPV announces the arrival of Five Pawns limited release of Black Flag Fallen. This new flavor packs a flavorful experience of the finest espresso beans, dark chocolate, english toffee. raw honey, black walnut and a rare black truffle cream used by the most skilled dessert chefs. Come by and sample it for yourself! Available only in 6mg while supplies last.

Five Pawns Blag Flag Fallen

Custom coils? Build advice? No problem!

Shop employee and resident coil-guru, Kevin, has been on a tear lately building some wild coil creations

Looking for build advice, or want a Kevin-Custom coil? No problem, stop by the shop, all builds are free with the purchase of a new RDA/RBA.


Tugboat V2 now in black or white

The incredible Tugboat V2 by Flawless, now in your choice of black or white. Come stop by and check these out!

black-tug white-tug